Rangeley Family Tree
Welcome to the Rangeley Family Tree website.
We have been tracing our family history for over 10 years. It all began after coming across the gravestone of Joshua Rangeley outside the church in Hayfield, Derbyshire, and we wondered if we were related.

Indeed, we discovered that our family tree does trace back to Joshua - but unfortunately, his christening has remained elusive and we are unable, as yet, to follow his line back any further.

We suspect he must have originally come over the Pennines from Yorkshire as there appear to be no other Rangeleys on the western side of the Pennines before him. Moreover, Yorkshire contained, and may still contain, a greater number of Rangeleys than any other county.
Joshua's descendants have spread mainly across North Derbyshire into Lancashire and Cheshire.

As is usual during the course of research, a lot of names and branches have been added to our family tree. We want to include as much of this information as possible in our website in the hope that it will prove useful to anyone researching their own family history.

Below, you should see a picture of the very grave stone that started our research.

Joshua's Gravestone