Rangeley Family Tree
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Father Joshua RANGELEY
Mother Ellen MILLER
Born 1771 Ravensleech Hayfield Derbys
Christened 20 October 1771 St Matthew's Church Hayfield Derbys
Died 04 March 1851 Hayfield Derbys
Buried 06 March 1851 St Matthew's Church Hayfield Derbys
Marriage Hannah HILL 16 April 1793 All Saints Church Glossop Derbys
Child Ellen RANGELEY (1794 - 1831)
Marriage Ann KELLETT 29 January 1798 All Saints Church Glossop Derbys
Child Abner RANGELEY (1799 - 1832)
Child Jonah RANGELEY (1801 - 1869)
Child Lemuel (Samuel) RANGELEY (1803 - 1883)
Child Betty RANGELEY (1806 - 1878)
Child Merab RANGELEY (1808 - 1871)
Child Caleb RANGELEY (1814 - 1868)
Marriage Ann HOBSON 10 June 1830 Cathedral Manchester Lancs
Occupation (with source date)Cotton Manufacturer (1795 to 1842)
Shopkeeper (1822 to 1850)
Address (with source date)Top of Town Hayfield Derbyshire (1826 to 1851)


Letters of Administration:
(Summary of content from the original held at Lichfield Record Office.) Aaron left less than £50. Ann RANGELEY appeared personally, and the witnesses (marks, not signed) were Ann RANGELEY, Ellen BARBER and Rosey MIDDLETON. The commissioner was Matthew FREEMAN.

Death Certificate:
Aaron died, aged 79, in Hayfield Derbys. His death certificate (No.367) states the cause of death as "dropsy not certified". It was registered on the 15th March 1851 in Hayfield by his widow, Ann RANGELEY, who was also present at his death.

Tithe Map:

Aaron owned land and property in Hayfield. (See 1849 Tithe Map held at Matlock Record Office)

  • Phoside Mill (Property No. 752)
  • Lodge for water (No. 761)
  • Meadow (No. 760, occupied by Isaac RANGELEY)
  • Garden (No. 600)
  • Croft (No. 601)
  • Houses and Building (No. 602, occupied by Caleb RANGELEY)
  • Allotment (No. 837, occupied by John HANDFORD)

1844 Poor Rate:
Thanks to Marjorie Ward for permission to use copyright information from freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dusk/index.htm

[An Assessment for the Relief of the Poor of the Township of Hayfield in the County of Derby and for the Purposes chargeable thereon, according to Law, made this twenty fourth day of October in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & Forty Four after the rate of sevenpence in the Pound.]

OccupierOwner of PropertyType of PropertyAddressNo. on Schedule
RANGELEY AaronCOOPER ThomasHouseTop 'oth Town165

Notes from the "History of Hayfield" by Houghton:
It seems that 5 Church Street (a double-fronted house at the junction of Top o'the Town and Valley Road) and three houses on Valley Road were once an inn. On deeds dating from 1851, the old property at the back of the house was marked "Aaron Rangeley's Brew House".

Glossop Newspaper:
January cuttings, from freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~glossopfamily/newsjan.htm

19 Jan 1822 Aaron Rangeley's Mill at Hayfield burnt down.

Petty Sessions (1770 - 1828):
from wirksworth.org.uk/CRM05.htm
Date--- SURNAME--- First name--- (Parish, Hundred)--- Occupation--- [Offence]--- Punishment--- (Justices)
1822.4--- RANGELEY--- Aaron--- (Hayfield, HP)--- Shopkeeper--- [Weights]--- fine: 5/=+5/4 costs--- (Frith & Newton)

Records held at Manchester Library (Ref. M159/2/6/):
(We did have a look at these documents, but we couldn't really understand the legal jargon. This is the catalogue description.)
  • (13) Bargain and sale by lease and release: 20 and 21 Sep 1826, 1. John BOSTOCK, 2. Hen. KIRK, 3. Mary KIRK, 4. Aaron RANGELEY, 5. Andrew BRITTLEBANK. Cotton mill, cowhouse and land (2a) called Little Meadow and Near Meadow to Aaron RANGELEY.
    Consideration: £1000.
  • (14) Mortgage in fee: 22 and 23 Sep 1826. 1. Aaron RANGELEY, 2. Andrew BRITTLEBANK, 3. Thos. COOPER of Ashford, Bakewell, miller. Messuage in Hayfield called the "King's Arms" and land called Doe Bank, half of the river Sett adjoining Doe Bank and cotton mill etc. as 12 above (includes Clough lands with cotton mill, built by Wm KIRK to John BOSTOCK for life).
    Consideration: £1200.
  • (15) Mortgage in fee: 4 and 5 Dec 1837. 1. Aaron RANGELEY, 2. Jas. SHEPPARD of Heaton Norris, corn dealer. "King's Arms", Doe Bank, cotton mill and land (2a) called Dewsnap Meadow and Bottom of Great Meadow, and lots 30, 31, and 32 of land enclosed from the common of Ollerset and Phoside.
    Consideration: £162

Will of Joshua MARRIOTT, 1815:
from genuki.org.uk/big/eng/DBY/ProbateRecords/WillsM.html (Aaron is named as a tenant.)
MARRIOTT Joshua, of Heafield, clothier, parish of Glossop, 12 Oct 1813.
Beneficiaries: nephew Thomas MARRIOTT of Little Heafield, gentleman; brother Francis MARRIOTT of Heafield, gentleman; William KIRKE of Phoside, gentleman; wife Ellen MARRIOTT, Ann MARRIOTT her (Ellen) daughter the wife of said nephew Thomas MARRIOTT; natural son Thomas WATERHOUSE otherwise MARRIOTT; nephew John MARRIOTT son of brother Thomas MARRIOTT; servant George HADFIELD; and nephew John MARRIOTT the son of brother Francis MARRIOTT.
Names tenants as: Aaron RANGELEY & Robert ARNFIELD; occupiers of his dwelling house as Radcliffe WATERHOUSE & Mary BRUGESS; occupiers Thomas WATERHOUSE & Benjamin FURNISS; Samuel PURSGLOVE the occupier of a house in Jumble; occupiers of Lower House James GARSIDE & Joseph TOMMINS; occupiers Ruth WILD & Joseph BROWNHILL; and dwelling house called the Poorhouse occupied by Robert TOMMINS.
Owed chief rent: to Bernard Edward HOWARD Esq.
Witnesses: John CROWTHER, Samuel WYATT & John BRADDOCK. [Probate granted 7 Oct 1815 in Lichfield.]