Rangeley Family Tree
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Father James RANGELEY
Mother Dinah DRAPER
Born 22 September 1867 Lane Ends Romiley Ches
Christened 28 March 1875 St Martin's Church Castleton Lancs
Died 30 December 1944
Buried (Date unknown) Plot G3189 Cemetery Weaste Salford Lancs
Marriage Elizabeth Ann ROTHWELL 10 September 1894 St Martin's Church Castleton Lancs
Child Alec Rothwell RANGELEY (1898 - 1898)
Marriage Maggie BROWNRIDGE 08 September 1902 St Luke's Church Weaste Salford Lancs
Child Walter RANGELEY (1903 - 1982)
Child Ethel RANGELEY (1905 - ?)
Child Frank RANGELEY (1907 - 1985)
Occupation (with source date)Cotton Scavenger (1881)
Gardener and Domestic Servant (1891)
Merchants Clerk (1894)
Dock Foreman (1901 to 1907)
Superintendent Foreman of Number 9 Dock Salford (1929 to 1933)
Address (with source date)22 Primrose Lane Whitfield Glossop Derbyshire (1871)
290 Manchester Road Castleton Lancashire (1881)
15 Chaddock Road Boothstown Worsley Lancashire (1891)
26 Church Street Castleton Lancashire (1894)
8 Alexander Grove Regent Road Salford Lancashire (1901)
21 Zion Street Eccles New Road Salford Lancashire (1905 to 1907)
42 Milford Street Seedley Lancashire (1908 to 1924)
67 Seedley Park Road Salford Lancashire (1925 onwards)
24 Albert Road Whitefield Lancashire (1932 and 1939)


James played rugby, wing three-quarter, for the Salford Reds until 1894, then the Rochdale Hornets from 19 October 1895.
Some Newspaper excerpts:
Salford Reporter (16 Sep) 1893: Salford v Manchester Rangers - Rangeley scored two tries.
Salford Chronicle 6 January 1894: "Splendid dribble by Rangeley"..."Retired hurt"
Salford Chronicle 20 January 1894: "a good run by Rangeley"
Salford Chronicle 27 January 1894: "a grand passing bout in which Rangeley took a prominent part."
Salford Chronicle 3 February 1894: "Rangeley just averted disaster by kicking in touch"... "who played better on Saturday than he has played for at least a month"..."Rangeley involved in a wrestling bout."
Salford Chronicle 17 February 1894: "fruitless drop at goal by Rangeley"..."excellent play by the 3/4" (The caption for a sketch of the players says: "Jimmy Rangeley shews Jones his blakey's and scored")
Salford Reporter 17 February 1894:
...And Rangeley scored a well-earned try
Tho' from the goal too far away.
"Oh! I'm one of the boys
Say what you choose of me
Don't be afraid to chalk up one
I'm Rangeley and I'll show you how to run
I've got plenty of N.R.G.
Fond of moving my joints
Always the same and true to my name
And able to add up the points."
Salford Chronicle 24 March 1894: "Rangeley's best point was intercepting passes, which he did wonderfully well."

James is buried with his wife, Maggie, in the Brownridge family plot (Plot G 3189, Weaste Cemetery, Salford, Lancs). The gravestone reads:
In loving memory of
our dear mother
Jane Ann Brownridge,
who died June 12th 1911,
aged 68 years.
Peace perfect peace.
Also Elizabeth Alice Downs,
niece of the above
who died Nov 28th 1940,
aged 63 years.
Also James beloved husband of Maggie Rangeley
who died Dec 30th 1944
aged 77 years.
Also Maggie,
beloved wife of the above
died May 18th 1964
aged 86 years.