Rangeley Family Tree
About this site.
This website takes the form of a searchable database and is the result of many hours of research. A lot of this research has taken place in Record Offices and Libraries looking at original documents, books, microfiche and microfilm copies. Also, the internet has proved to be a valuable tool.

There are 1277 individuals on the database at present. Doubtless, there will be mistakes and errors in transcription, so please check from original documents yourself to be sure.
If you do find any errors please don't hesitate to email us using the Contact Us link. We will do our best to check our data and update the site regularly.

Please share with us any information you think will help to expand our own data. Thank you to those of you who have already contacted us with information and for your compliments. It is lovely to hear from even the most distant family.

As it has no relevance to the wider public, we wish to withhold all private details, particularly any dates and places, concerning the more recent people in our tree. We also have researched some of the smaller branches of the tree, but I have not included these on this website for fear of over complicating the navigation.

We hope this website will prove interesting and useful for filling in any gaps in your own research.

Many thanks to Lynne Nield for her huge contribution and for permission to include her side of the family. A special thanks also to Colin, for his patience, and to Simon for the many hours of work constructing this site.

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